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What is the difference between
Composite Decking and Wood Decking?

We are sure that you have heard of Composite decking and Wood Decking but how do they differ? In this blog post we will explain the differences.

Decking has become a very popular feature in Irish gardens, adding some style and panache to homes. The addition of decking can create a feature to build your garden around. Outdoor living has never been more important since COVID-19 came along. So having a space outdoors where you can relax with friends and family is vital. So, when the weather allows it, your deck can be the perfect platform for wining and dining.

Decking, when installed correctly and looked after should last for a long time. Composite Decking and Wood Decking have different life spans that we will discuss below, however, both types can last decades.


While the decking can seem a little pricey, when buying quality your outlay on decking can be rewarded over time as a good investment. And if you are ever selling your property, a well-maintained decking area can add value to your home and raise the overall value of your property.

To the big question: What are the differences in composite decking and wood decking?

Differences between wooden decking and composite decking

We will start with composite. 


Composite Decking is created from a blend of thermoplastics and recycled wood fibres. This product is man-made and has been created to have the aesthetic of wood decking with some superpowered characteristics that avoid some of the disadvantages of wood decking


Alpha Deck composite decking is wrapped in Surlyn, which is the same outer later that the best golf balls are coated in. This thermoplastic coating has an outer layer that is impervious to the elements so it is resistant to rotting and staining Composite decking also has anti-slip properties built into its surface layer. You can be assured that when installing it in the garden or balcony of your home, that it is safe for your family throughout periods of wet weather. 


Alpha Deck composite decking has a UV coating and stabiliser added to the composite so it won’t fade in the sun. Composite decking is warp-free, so fluctuations in temperatures or long periods of harsh weather will not affect the composite decking. It is also very easy to clean and resistant to staining


If there is a red wine or BBQ related spillage, clean the area initially with some warm water, and then lightly scrub with warm soapy water.


Wood decking is a natural product. Created from pieces of wood that have been carved and treated for use as decking.


Wood decking due it being a natural product has unrivalled beauty, character and uniqueness. No two pieces of wood are the same! However, there are significant disadvantages to natural wood decking. Firstly wood decking can become very slippery when wet, this can cause accidents and can become unsafe during wet periods. 


Another unfortunate element of wood decking is that it needs regular sealing to help protect it from the elements. (Composite decking does NOT need to – ever – be sealed).


It is recommended that wood decking is sealed annually, this a laborious process especially the decking area is large. If the decking is not sealed and maintained it can rot and disintegrate in the wet Irish climate.

What about the environment?


Alpha Deck composite decking has been created entirely from recycled thermoplastic and recycled wood fibres. 


When creating a composite decking that lasts up to 25 years we needed to avail of the latest technology and use the most sophisticated manufacturing process.


During the developmental stage of creating Alpha Deck our guiding principle was to create a product with the least environmental impact. We used the latest technology and manufacturing processes to create a product entirely from recycled materials.

Why does composite decking cost more than some wood decking?

Composite Decking Dublin Tile Merchant

Alpha Deck is a premium product that is built to last for 25 years minimum. To create a product with this longevity, we used the latest technology and the most sophisticated manufacturing processes. 


Over time Alpha Deck composite decking will outlast wood decking and will cost nothing to maintain unlike wood that will require annual sealing and painting. 


So you can enjoy your decking instead of working on your decking!


You must know the differences between wood and composite decking after reading this far. 


We feel that composite decking is the superior product for Irish homes and gardens. The super anti-slip properties combined with the decking lasting up to 25 years, allows your family to enjoy a decking year round for decades. 


Alpha Deck composite decking from Tile Merchant is available in four – soon to be six – wonderful colours. Within these different shades there will be something in there for everyone! You can order a free sample of each to see which colour is for you! 


Create the perfect area for hosting friends and family in your garden with a stylish and safe decking area with Alpha Deck.


Blog by Ciaron Noble

Tile Merchant

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When not writing about tiles, paving or wood flooring, Ciaron can be found penning articles about rugby!