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Maximise Your Space With 

Large Format Tiles

Image of modern kitchen

Many people decide to choose large format tiles for their living space. The next question is how can you get value for money by maximising your space with large format tiles?


What are large format tiles? A large format tile is when at least one of the edges is greater than 15 inches. This has been a very popular tile in recent years. The most common size format in a large tile is 60x120cm.  We have this size available in stock along with 240X120cm.

Image of modern kitchen

There are many benefits in using large format tiles. 


Firstly, it automatically makes the room seem more spacious. Larger tiles tend to give the perception that your room is bigger in size than it actually is. Another great aspect of larger tiles to take into consideration is their style and many functional benefits. They create an open, transitional space, giving more room for innovative idea’s regarding design.


Customers tend to be conscious that large format tiles are more prone to cracking, we can guarantee you that this is not the case, once they are laid correctly in the proper professional way. We do strongly advise that you make sure you have a trusted professional tiler to do the work. You or your chosen tiler must make sure that your surface is flat before you begin the project


You might need to level your surface, the flatter your surface the easier the job will be. Make sure the tiler is using the correct adhesives. Adhesive manufacturers will provide these things, like the necessary cements, mortars and epoxy’s designed for specific uses.


The truth is larger tiles are in fact harder to install than most other tiles. In saying this, an established and good tiler shouldn’t have any issues doing this project. Large format tiles are becoming quite the trend and tilers are being asked to install them much more frequently, so it shouldn’t be a problem trying to find somebody to complete the job.


Where in your home are large format tiles suited for? In our opinion large format tiles are perfect for your bathroom. 


Many customers ask the question, Would large format tiles suit a small bathroom? The answer to this question is, yes they would be perfect for a small bathroom. It will give your bathroom a lovely finish with less grout lines, which means it gets less grubby and dirty in the long run. These tiles can also be used on shower floors. Porcelain tiles are perfect for shower floors, they are very easy to maintain, they contain anti-slip properties, meaning they’d be well able to deal with and withstand wet conditions so they would help to prevent a person from slipping.


Porcelain is denser, less porous. It offers a more stain and water resistance option than a ceramic tile. Porcelain tiles are extremely hard wearing and even though they are more expensive than other tiles on the market we can guarantee you will get value for money if you decide to go with porcelain tiles for your bathroom. The lack of grout lines and the grandiosity of the tile creates an illusion of space in the smallest of bathrooms. It will be a bathroom that will last you a lifetime. Porcelain also appeals to customers because it is available to purchase in many different styles, meaning that you can really put your own design twist on your bathroom.

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