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  • A Guide to Using Pattern Tiles in Your Next Home Renovation

    October 21, 2020 tmadmin

    A Guide to Using Pattern Tiles in Your Next Home Renovation

    This will be a guide highlighting the benefits of using pattern tiles (also known as Victorian tiles). This guide will also advise you on how to best use your pattern tiles. 

    Let’s Begin;

    In the past few years there has been a huge increase in home-owners being bolder with putting their own creative stamp on their home, pattern tiles give them an opportunity to put a unique mark on their space. If you want guests in your home to notice be wowed, pattern tiles are the perfect choice to do just this!

    Victorian and Patterned Floor Tiles

    Victorian tiles have really stood the test of time. They have been adorning floors since the early 1800’s, back then though, Victorian tiles were only used in the homes and spaces of the elite; castles, palaces and churches, with their geometric and vintage pattern. 



    For the last 150 years Victorian tiles have been used in homes for either their outdoor or indoor area. Home owners have tended to choose these tiles because of their hard-wearing properties and it’s fair to say these tiles have an enduring style remaining to stay popular and relevant to current trends.


    Patterned floor tiles are available in striking pattern and colourful graphics.  The Victorian floor tile comes in many different shapes such as squares, rectangles, triangles and hexagons in different sizes depending on what you need. If you are looking for a more traditional and simplistic in style, you should consider is the simple checkerboard, this is probably the most iconic pattern tile, guaranteed to give your space a timeless look. 


    These patterns usually come in the diamond shape, commonly in the oxford pattern of black and dover white.


    Some people prefer a more detailed pattern, adding a more complex look to your space. These more elaborate patterns create more a eye-catching impact on visitors once they enter your home. These patterns include more geometrical and symmetrical options. If you want more detailed patterns, you could select a ‘Hexam’ pattern that incorporates both hexagon and diamond shapes, the finishing shape is quite similar to a star shape, giving a nice finish to your floor.

    Laura Ashley tiles are popular in Ireland
    Laura Ashley Wicker Charcoal
    Feature Floors Bertie

    Where Should I use Pattern Tiles in my Home?

    Pattern tiles can be used in many different areas of your home. They can be used outdoors (if the outdoor area is covered as pattern tiles are non-slip) for creating a pathway or you can use indoors for creating a hallway or a stylish bathroom. The bathroom is probably the most common area where pattern tiles are used.



    Mix and matching your tiles is really common with tile lovers as they want their space to be full of detailed design, but there’s a few things to consider before you start. Firstly, we advise that you order samples, which are free, before placing your large order as it is really important to be certain of what design/style will work in your home before you make your final decision



    We advise all of our customers to ensure they balance out their strong patterns with something easier on the eye. Using a bold patterned tile on the floor with a contrasting plain wall tile or plain painted wall can have a huge impact, without overstepping the mark.  Pattern tiles can be used on either the wall of your chosen room or the floor, we suggest you use the pattern tiles on just one or the other.

    Devonstone Pattern Grey
    Feature Floors Bertie

    The Importance of Colour


    Mediterranean tiles are more colourful and playful. While not as stark with contrasts these colour packed tiles are excellent for injecting some colour and vibrancy to a kitchen or bathroom. Mediterranean patterns are excellent for family bathrooms, adding a splash for kids, guests and everyone else! 


    Too often colour is left behind. Monochrome has its place, and so does a bright, bold and brave multicolour pattern tile. 


    Feature Floors Retro Monochrome
    Hexagon Tiles in Bathroom
    Lilypad Hexagon Mostaza




    Choosing pattern tiles for your home is an exciting endeavour. These bold, striking, vivid patterns and designs with contrasting colours are a statement. One which done tastefully can elevate your interiors to the next level. 


    Blog by Ciaron Noble

    Tile Merchant

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    When not writing about tiles, paving or wood flooring, Ciaron can be found penning articles about rugby! 



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